At 8CON, our homes are designed and precisely constructed for you by talented team led by our dedicated directors, Jim and David. Created foremost with a client-centric vision that prioritises both comfort and luxury at affordable prices, we are driven by a shared passion for building and innovation.


We approach our work meticulously; every step we take is designed to ensure our client’s vision, as well as the highest quality in our homes. To do so, we limit the number of projects that we take on in order to provide each project with the amount of attention and support that it deserves.


We understand that communication and integrity are key in earning our clients’ trust, and we endeavour to express those values wholly in our work. From a project’s conception to its realisation, 8CON guarantees a smooth journey to the quality home of our clients’ dreams.

Jim Tu



With nearly ten years of residential property and construction experience, Jim has had extensive exposure in various sectors of the residential construction industry.


Jim’s career has taken him from project management to an engineering manager role within a multinational company that designs and supplies cutting-edge docking and mooring systems, for both onshore and offshore applications all over the world. These systems ranged from oil terminals operating in sub-zero temperatures, to LNG terminals in the tropics and everything in between.


Jim started his own development company in 2009 where his role included identifying attractive development opportunities, overseeing construction work and involvement in marketing and sales. 


In 2016, Jim and business partners established Yilimi Group Pty Ltd which has expanded into a multi-million dollar business. 8CON is one subsidiary of Yilimi Group Pty Ltd that he focuses his time on when not with his family or working on his car.

David Thorogood


David comes from a trade background and spent much of his young adult years in and around building sites.

He has been a builder for over well over 30 years now and has been a member of Housing Industry Association since 1998.

He has the ability to provide for a diverse range of property developments, from large architecturally designed homes, townhouses, extensions and renovations. Construction of unit and townhouse projects are his specialty area. 

He believes communication is the key to a solid working relationship between the builder and the customer and is known for "word of mouth" being key in how his business grows.



Registered Domestic Builder - Unlimited (DB-U 2152) since 1996

Registered Domestic Builder - Unlimited (CDB-U 59469) since 2018

Master Builders Victoria 8CON

Member of Master Builders' Association of Victoria (MBAV) since 2018